Privacy Policy

NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC., established in China with corporate company number  (herein " NETDRAGON ", "we" or "us"), including its subsidiaries and affiliates understands the importance of protecting your personal information (the "Personal Information"). We have adopted this privacy policy (the "Policy") to explain how we collect, store, use and share the Personal Information that you provide to us or that we collect when you use the websites, applications, games, features, or any other function controlled by NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC., as described in the Policy (the "Services").
We only collect, use, store and transfer ("process") your personal information in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, including but not limited to the (EU) General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and applicable national data protection legislation (hereafter "applicable law"). 
You agree that we will engage other companies or third parties in order to fulfil our purposes and obligations as set out in this policy, and we will transfer your personal information to countries outside the country where you live that may not have as strict privacy legislation as yours. We will only transfer your personal information to such countries if we are allowed to do so, please see section V for more information.
A summary of the Policy is available below. In case of inconsistency between the summary and the Policy, the Policy will prevail.
Summary of the Policy
What Personal Information is collected by NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC.
  • Contact information (such as name and email address)
  • Player name and password
  • Profile information (such as profile photo)
  • Your messages to the Service (such as chat logs and player support tickets)
  • Other data you choose to give us (such as data to identify a lost account ,Account number, email, upload photos, security questions and answers you created)
  • Bank card information【In-game Store】
  • User address 【In-game ReChargeCenter】
Data we collect automatically.
  • Data about your account and game progress
  • Your IP address and mobile device identifiers (such as your device ID, advertising ID, MAC address, IMEI)
  • Data about your device, such as device name and operating system, browser type and language
  • Data we collect with cookies and similar technologies (see more below)
  • General location data
  • Precise geo-location data (GPS, with your consent)
  • Data about your use of the Service, such as gameplay data and your interactions with other players inside the Service
For what purposes is the Personal Information used?
-Provide and operate the Services, including for the purposes of providing online leaderboards;
-Customize and improve the Services;
-Analyze and provide statistics of the use of the Services;
-Manage clearly unlawful conduct and misuse of the Services;
-Send newsletters and promotions;
-Treat job applications.
Is the Personal Information shared with third parties?
We may engage subcontractors to collect and process your Personal Information on our behalf and for our benefit, in order to provide certain services such as sending e-mails and processing payments. These subcontractors may be located outside the European Economic Area (EEA). When the Personal Information is shared with our subcontractors, we take reasonable contractual measures to adequately protect the Personal Information.
Data we collect from our partners.
Data we receive if you link a third party tool/function with the Service (such as FACEBOOK ,TWITTER)
Demographic data (such as to determine the coarse location of your IP/Mac address)
Data to fight fraud (such as refund abuse in games or click fraud in advertising)
Data from platforms that the games run on (such as to verify payment information)
Data for advertising and inner-analytic purposes, so we can provide you with optimized service experience.
How can you contact NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC or request the deletion of your Personal Information?
Attn: Legal Department
By email at:
International data transfers is forbidden
Our Service is global by nature and your data can therefore be transferred to anywhere in the world. Because different countries may have different data protection laws,so your data in Our Service is forbidden to transfer internationally in the People's Republic of China.
NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC has adopted this Policy to explain how we collect, store, use and share the Personal Information that you provide to us or that we collect when you use the Services. The definitions used in this paragraph have the meaning given in the preamble of the short version of the Policy.
I. Use of Personal Information
NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC may use your Personal Information for the following purposes:
  • provide and operate the Services for example, to put you in touch with other players (matchmaking) if you have made such request, evaluate your progress in the game or for providing leader boards;
  • customize and improve the Services and the user experience;
  • handle any transaction related to the Services;
  • contact you to provide you with customer and/or technical support;
  • analyze and report on the use and trends of the Services;
  • ask for your opinion about the Services and conduct surveys on the Services;
  • send you confirmation notices, updates, and security alerts;
  • manage abusive uses of Services such as managing player bans;
  • cease the clearly unlawful behavior of players;
  • push ads, newsletters, promotions, rewards, and other types of content or features that match your interests, including offering to participate in contests;
  • customize the Services and the games, in particular by providing features or ads which correspond to your interests and/or your preferences;
  • process job applications[1]  sent to NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC;
  • any other purpose described in the Policy, such as the pursuit of other legitimate commercial interests related to the use of the Game and/or Services or when we collect your Personal Information with your consent for specific purposes.
If you choose to receive our newsletters and news releases, the Personal Information you have provided us will allow us to send you messages regarding new features, updates, contests and events that may be of interest to you in connection with the Services and Games. You may opt out of this service from NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC at any time.
For some of our games and/or websites, except in the event that you do not give your consent, we may share or match some of your Personal Information with selected partners to provide you with personalized ads or better targeted our marketing efforts.
In any case, we will only use your Personal Information when necessary to achieve the purposes described above and the legitimate interests of NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC, or where permitted or required by law.
II. Personal Information Processed
We may collect, process, use and/or share, depending on the game used, Personal Information collected automatically, that you have provided to us, or that has been provided by third parties, including:
  • your identification data, for example, your surname and first name, date of birth, or your internal identification code and/or the identification code associated with the game platform used;
  • your contact information, for example, your email address;
  • your connection data, for example, your logs ,cache ,IP address  ;
  • the history of your purchases as part of our Services;
  • your game archive for example, your score and your level;
  • data concerning our ongoing commercial relationship, for example, your billing history or items purchased;
  • your location data;
  • any other data that you provide us as part of the Services, or that we collect with your consent to provide you with the Services or for specific treatments.
You may choose not to provide certain Personal Information, but you may not be able to use certain Services or features. You can contact us as provided in section XIV for any questions.
Public data, including user-generated content, online forums, blogs, chat and profiles
You may communicate Personal Information when you provide content on the Services, as part of games, or in online forums, blogs, discussion platforms, public user profiles or other similar forums on our Services or as part of our games, such as chats (the "Forums"). The Personal Information you disclose in the Forums becomes public data and may be read or used by other users without your consent. If you decide to disclose Personal Information on the Forums, you do so at your own risk and we are not responsible for the use of such Personal Information by third parties.
III. Collection of Personal Information 
We collect your Personal Information when you send it to us expressly and directly or when we use the technologies described below which collect such Personal Data.
We collect your Personal Information when you:
  • use the Services, create a user account or public profile;
  • make purchases in our online stores or purchase virtual items in our games;
  • create content as a user;
  • use the interactive content of the Services or view ads on the Services;
  • subscribe to an email newsletter and other promotional content;
  • contact NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC’s customer support or request technical assistance;
  • respond to a survey, register for a contest, an event or a promotional activity;
  • participate in a forum or chat online using our Services;
  • apply to become a beta tester;
  • register a product online or download patches and demos.
A. Analytics technologies
We use internal analytics technologies and those of third parties to collect Personal Information generated by your device and/or operating system through log files, in order to improve the Services and your security. This Personal Information may include, when available, the IP address and device ID, as well as game statistics (including scores, rankings, and your public external identifier). This Personal Information is collected to manage and improve the Services, ensure the security of the players, as well as offer adapted and personalized content.
Third-party analytics tools (including, but not limited to, Delta DNA[2] ) may associate the Personal Information they collect in connection with the Services, with personal information that they independently collect on other services, as governed by their individual privacy policies. NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC does not collect or access any data that may be independently collected by these third parties.
B. Analytic Metric Tools and Other Technologies
Cookies, or similar technologies, are small computer files stored on your hard drive via your web browser. We use cookies for several purposes depending on the game and in particular to adapt our content to your interests as well as to provide and manage the use of the Services.
We may also use certain cookies on our websites that can only collect generic Personal Information in order to save your browser configuration and personalize the appearance of these websites. We also use anti-cheat technologies in Services that use cookies, as described below.
You may decline the storage of cookies by changing the configuration of your web browser. However, if you decline, the Services and/or our websites and/or certain features may not work properly. For more information on cookies, please refer to the following website:
C. Ads Serving Technologies, Including Interest-Based Ads
Our Services, specifically some of our mobile applications, may integrate ad serving technologies, including for interest-based ads,  from our suppliers (including, but not limited to, Unity Ads) that may use pixels and/or other similar technologies for these purposes. Data collected by these third parties may include, without limitation, (i) your age and/or sex, (ii) your IP address and/or country, (iii) the advertisements placed and their location in the Services or the game, (iv) the duration of visibility of an advertisement as well as the number of views, (v) the identifiers and settings of your device, (vi) your use of the Services, products, and/or other websites (including third party websites) you have viewed (as well as the date and the time of such viewing), and/or (vii) your responses to the advertisements, if any, to allow our suppliers to calculate the number of views of the advertisements or to present ads in a format that best suits your device. Advertisements may be tailored to your interests, for example, you could view an offer for a game that might interest you.
Those technologies are foundamentally requirement in our services, If you have no able to use our services with out those technologies operational..
For some of our games and/or websites, except in the event that you do not give your consent, we may share or math some of your Personal Information with selected partners to provide you with personalized ads or better targeted our marketing efforts.
Third-party advertising networks may associate the Personal Information with data that they have collected independently from other services as part of their own privacy policies. NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC does not collect or access data that may be independently collected by these third parties. To learn more about some of these ad network practices, you can visit,, or
D. Anti-cheating services
For certain games, we use anti-cheating services ("Anti-Cheating Services") that are operated by third parties (including, EasyAntiCheat and Battleye) via a client software (the "Software") that is integrated in the game. When you start a new game session, the Software may automatically load and install its latest version on your device. When using the game, the Anti-Cheating Services may scan the game's binary files and the device's memory to detect and prevent cheating in the game (the "Objective"). By installing or using any NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC game, you agree that the Anti-Cheat Services may collect, store and publish Personal Information for the sole purpose of fulfilling the Objective and also to identify players who cheat in games and prohibit them from doing so. This Objective is necessary to pursue our legitimate interests and to ensure the safety of the players in the game. If you think that your access to our games has been blocked by mistake by the Anti-Cheating Services, please contact us at
E. Social Media Features
If you choose to use social media features in some of our games, especially mobile games, you may be required to connect to a social media network through these games. You will be able to use these social media features to connect to the game, find out if your friends play certain games, and invite them to join you in these games. The social media network can then provide us with Personal Information such as your social media network user ID, your profile picture (to create your avatar in certain games) and the user IDs and profile pictures of your contacts on the social media network. In order to limit the Personal Information that is transferred to us via social networks, please modify your sharing settings in your account on the appropriate social media websites.
VI. Legal Basis of Personal Information Processing
The processing of your Personal Information is justified by the following legal bases:
• for the execution of your contract with NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC to provide you with the Services;
• for the pursuit of NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC’s legitimate interests as well as your own interests, to ensure that the Services function in the best possible way;
• when it is our legal duty, for example, to identify your age and make sure we are not collecting data from young children; 
• because it requires your consent, for example to send you newsletters;
• because it is necessary for the respect of legal and regulatory obligations, for example, to stop the clearly unlawful conduct of a player within a game, to ensure information security, to prevent fraud or to transfer the data to different part of the organization when necessary.
When we rely on a legitimate interest we have concluded that our interest is not overridden by your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. You are welcome to contact us to learn more about how we have reached this conclusion.
V. Personal Data Shared with Third Parties
We may, from time to time, hire subcontractors to provide us with certain services, such as sending e-mails, process payments, host data, and provide customer support. We take reasonable contractual measures to ensure that these third parties adequately protect the Personal Information.
We will never share Personal Information that identifies you directly, with other third parties without your consent, except as required by law or where it is reasonably necessary to enforce our rights. Unless required by law, NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC is not obligated to notify you of such disclosures of Personal Information. We will only do so if the third parties can provide the same level of security to keep your data safe as implemented by us and if the third partie can ensure that they comply with applicable laws and privacy regulations. We may share your information with the following partners:(● Payment providers[The third party institution is used to recharge the game, and the user inputs the game area service account information to the third party recharge institution to complete the recharge, but the third party institution only obtains the user order number and the amount information.]●Advertising partners and attribution platforms to help us understand the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns (for example, Facebook,Google) [Recommend the ad by matching the email data of the registered user with the big data of the advertising partner]
We may share Personal Information that does not identify you directly, which is anonymized or aggregated, with third parties, for example to analyze trends in the use of the Services. In addition, we do not control the data sent by your web browser to third parties who receive this information in your normal course of activity on the Internet.
VI. Location and Transfer of Your Personal Information
The Personal Information may be hosted and processed, for the purposes of the Policy, on servers operated by trusted partners in the United States (in accordance with the Privacy Shield mechanism recognized by the European Commission), such as Amazon Web Services, as well as on our servers or our partners’ servers in Canada (which is a jurisdiction with an adequate level of protection recognized by the European Commission) or in Europe.
Some of our subcontractors may be located in other countries, including outside the European Economic Area. By using the Services and the games, you agree that your Personal Information may be processed by such subcontractors in countries that may not offer the same degree of data protection as your country.
We will, however, only transfer the data if we must and with applicable privacy regulations and can guarantee that your data will be kept safe. NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC takes reasonable contractual measures to ensure that our subcontractors adequately protect your Personal Information and treat it solely for us and for the purposes set out in the Policy. Our subcontractors are prohibited from using your Personal Information for any other purpose without your consent.
To obtain a copy of these warranties or information on how to access them, contact
VII. Retention Period of Personal Information
NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC keeps your Personal Information for a period not exceeding that required for the purposes for which the Personal Information is processed, and in accordance with applicable legal requirements.
Your data will be kept in NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC’s active database, for example:
  • for the time necessary to provide the Services,
  • for the duration necessary to solve your technical problems or your request,
  • for the time needed to compile game statistics,
  • for 30 days for IP addresses and logs.
At the end of this period, your Personal Information will be deleted or anonymized by NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC, or archived in an intermediate database, if necessary, for legal, operational, or legitimate reasons, and for the legally prescribed period. The retention period may be changed depending on your cancellation or re-enrollment in the Services, or applicable law.
VIII. Safeguards of your Personal Information
NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC takes different measures for the security of your Personal Information. We follow generally accepted rules in the video game industry, as well as applicable regulations, to protect any loss, destruction, alteration, or unauthorized, unlawful or abusive use of the Personal Information. We strive to use appropriate organizational and technical means to protect your Personal Information. For example, we will use encryption technologies (such as TLS, SSL), anonymization and other means to protect your personal information. We have established a specialized management, process and organization system to ensure information security. For example, we strictly restrict the scope of personnel who can access information, and require them to comply with their confidentiality obligations and conduct audits. In the event of a breach of security incident of personal information, we will activate emergency response plan to prevent the expansion of such security incident and inform you in the form of push notifications, public announcements and etc.
however, no security measures are 100% effective. NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC declines all liability if the Personal Information is subject to unauthorized use or access.
If you have any questions regarding the safeguards of your Personal Information, contact
IX. Your Rights and Choices on Your Personal Information
For games for which you have created an account, you can access, modify, update and delete any Personal Information at any time by logging into the relevant Service and accessing your account settings.
If you wish to contact us regarding the processing of your Personal Information, or to have access to it in an electronic format, correct it, erase it, oppose to its processing or request the limitation of its processing, if applicable, or withdraw your consent, if applicable, or transfer them to another online provider, where technically possible, you may email us at Please note that the withdrawal of your consent will not compromise the lawfulness of the processing done in the past.
In the case of an email request, you must confirm your identity, as well as provide your contact information, the subject of the request and the Personal Information concerned. We reserve the right to ask you for other information to confirm your identity.
We will correct, update or delete your Personal Information or cease or limit its processing, as requested, and in accordance with our legitimate interests. Please note that if you choose to delete your Personal Information, you will no longer have access to the Services and NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC games associated with your internal and/or external identifier.
NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC reserves the right to reject deletion requests if there is a legal obligation to retain the Personal Information due to legal claims or as required by our contracts.
Your request will be processed within thirty (30) days of receipt, with the understanding that NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC reserves the right to extend this period to two months, in accordance with applicable regulations, due to the complexity and number of requests.
You may also contact your local data protection authority for any questions relating to the collection and use of your Personal Information.
X. Children
Our Services and games are not directed to children and we do not knowingly collect information from children under 13 years of age. NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC DOES NOT KNOWINGLY COLLECT OR REQUIRE THE PERSONAL INFORMATION BELONGING TO CHILDREN. IF YOU ARE 13 YEARS AND LESS, OR BELOW THE MINIMUM APPLICABLE AGE IN COUNTRIES WHERE THIS AGE IS GREATER THAN 13 YEARS, DO NOT SEND YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC. We strongly recommend parents or guardians to instruct their children to not disclose any data when online. Parents or guardians who are concerned about the transfer of data are welcome to contact us at If we obtain actual knowledge that we have collected data from a child, we will promptly delete it, unless we are legally obligated to retain such data.
In certain games for children, including Tree World, we collect identifying information such as user IDs and IP addresses, for the sole purpose of providing adequate functionality and support to our Services and protecting the security and integrity of the game.
The Services may contain advertisements concerning our products or services or those of third parties. When we truly know that users are 13 and under, no behavioural advertising will be displayed to these users in the Services.
XI. Third party services
The Services may contain advertisements or links to third-party websites such as Twitter, Facebook and/or YouTube. The presence of these links on our Services does not constitute an approval, an authorization or an affiliation with the website in question. If you click on these links or use the services of a third party, you will leave the Services of NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC and you must consult the privacy policy of the website in question before sharing your Personal Information.
Certain products and/or services are offered to you as part of our Services in partnership with third parties and you may be required to provide Personal Information to them in order to register and access their products or services. The identity of these third parties will be indicated at the time of registration. If you choose to register, you will transmit your Personal Information to these third parties and their treatment will be subject to their privacy policy.
We are not responsible for[3]  the use of your Personal Information by such third parties and we cannot guarantee the same data protection practices.
XII. Conditions of use of NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC services
The terms of this Policy are incorporated into NETDRAGON WEBSOFT INC’s Terms of Use and all capitalized terms found in this Policy have the meanings given to them in those Terms which you may refer to at the following link:
XIII. Changes to the Policy
We reserve the right to change the Policy at any time. If we change the Policy, we will post the changes in the Services, or any other appropriate location, like for example by email or with a pop-up in our games or on your Account page, so that you are fully informed of such changes. Any changes to the Policy will take effect thirty (30) days after being posted. Your continued use of our Services will be deemed as an acceptance of the changes to the Policy.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy, please contact us by email at