Call for Guide Event

It's time to show your skills!    
Share your tips and tricks for playing by creating a video, writing an article, or in a way you prefer. It is more likely to be selected if the topic of your work hasn't been posted.
How to Submit
Send your guide to Heroes Evolved Mailbox:
Please post your guide on Facebook, Youtube, or any other social media you are most active on, and send us the link, if possible, to your guide posted. Or you can send your work file directly.
Submission Requirements
1. Each work should have a clear theme, such as How to Play Prosper, or Best Way to Kill Zakar etc. 
2. The video should be above high-definition (720P).
Heroes Evolved community mentors and staffs will evaluate all the works. 
If your work is selected, we will send a Veteran Pack (Premier Skin Exchange Card*1 + Lexicon XP*5K) to you.
1. Participants must ensure that submitted work is original and does not infringe on legal rights and interests of any third party (including but not limited to intellectual property rights, portrait rights, reputation rights, name rights, ownership rights, etc.)
If violations are found, the official team reserves the right to pursue all legal responsibilities of the participants, such as the right to retrieve the rewards.
2. By submitting work, you agree Heroes Evolved to use your work (including but not limited to publish on the Official Website, Social Media Platform, etc.)
3. Heroes Evolved reserves the right to a final explanation for the event.