Top Marksmen for Season 23

Based on hero stats in S22, we recommend the top marksmen for you to rank up faster.
Top 1 - Di Renjie
Di Renjie is a ranged marksman with high damage and great burst. He seems fragile in the early game, mainly using this time to farm up. The bottom lane is suitable for Di Renjie.
Combo Recommended: 1 > 2 > 4 > A > 3
Ability 1 grants flexible mobility to find a vantage location. Aim at the target and cast Ability 2 to attack. Use Ability 4 in combination with a basic attack to maximize the damage of the passive and special attack effects. When moving into a crowd of enemies, cast Ability 3 to enhance your damage and disable enemies.
Top 2 - Prometheus
Prometheus is a strength-focused marksman who can deal area-of-effect burst damage and has great crowd control given by his ultimate. He is more tanky than common marksmen, clearing minion waves really fast. He can play the role of Carry or Support.
Combo Recommended: 2 > 3 > 1 > A
Start with Ability 2 to mark and slow as many enemy heroes as possible. While slowing enemies, cast Ability 3 to make terrific crowd control. Timing for Ability 1 is the most important thing to consider. Whether to use Ability 1 in a combo to deal a burst of damage or in a moment of waiting to counter against enemy’s crowd control depends on the situation. He is also good at using basic attacks in connection with abilities to suppress enemies. 
Top 3 - Dr. Madd
Dr. Madd is a strength-focused marksman who is decent in defense and attack as his flexible mobility combined with the stunning duration boost granted by his ultimate. The bottom lane is suitable for Dr. Madd.
Combo Recommended: 3 > 2 > 1 > A > 2 > A 
Cast the ultimate before entering a teamfight. When getting closer, activate Ability 2 which needs time to prepare. Predict enemy moves and cast Ability 1. After that, launch basic attacks to damage continuously. Unleash Ability 2 when it is ready in 4 seconds. Then, keep basic attacks for continuous damage.
It seems that marksmen with strong survivability performed better in S22, while fragile marksmen with burst damage need support from their team to deal continuous damage.
Finally, we would like to recommend Naya, the newest hero with impressive performance. Naya is the first marksman whose primary attribute is Intelligence. As a very versatile hero, she can harass enemies from a safe distance and can also empower herself to shoot continuously for massive damage. If timed right, her ultimate with great AoE crowd control can perfectly turn the tide of teamfights.