Heroes Evolved Update Note - August 10th, 2022

Dear Players,
Servers will be down for 2 hours of maintenance beginning at 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on August 10th. The maintenance schedule is subject to change. You won't be able to login once the server is down and any matches in progress will be halted. Please do not start any matches right before the maintenance.
Here's a rundown of the patch:
1. New Skins
Rain Walker
Rain Walker, a limited Epic skin of the Archaic Elegance series for Fusilia, will be released in this update and available for purchase in the Store from August 10 to September 6. During the first week of release, the Rain Walker skin is for 1,359 Tokens only, while after August 17, it will return to the original price of 1,699 Tokens.
You may also unlock a themed FX by collecting skins of the Archaic Elegance series between August 10 and September 27.
Fair Lady
Fair Lady, a limited Epic skin of the Archaic Elegance series for Mulan, is now available for pre-order!
Players who pre-order this new skin will get bonus gifts including a 600-Token voucher only for Fair Lady, a contract card of Fair Lady, and a Petal Divination ward skin.
2. Hot Events 
Fair Lady Pre-order (August 10 to 16, 2022)
Pre-order Fair Lady, a new limited Epic skin for Mulan, at a huge discount!
Just pay 300 Tokens for a Fair Lady Pre-order Pack which gives a Fair Lady 600-Token Voucher, Mulan (7 Days), Fair Lady (7 Days), and Petal Divination ward skin. As the regular sale starts, use the voucher and pay the balance of 1,399 Tokens to unlock the Fair Lady skin permanently.
There is also a first-week discount on the Fair Lady skin from August 17 to 23 during which you may apply the pre-order voucher to enjoy a better deal! Please note that the Fair Lady 600-Token voucher is valid till September 13, 2022.
Summer Trip (August 10 to September 6, 2022)
Get ready for the refreshing trip where wondrous treasures await! By logging in to the game every day or playing lucky draw with Tokens, you may collect Wonder Coins in exchange for limited Legendary skins like Solar Emperor for Apollo, Flawless Twilight for Lunaria, and Meteor Cracker for Arlequin, limited Epic skins like Chaotic Charlatan for Absalon and Android Warrior for Raven, Epic skins, as well as prominent heroes.
With enough Luck accumulated by playing lucky draws, you can also claim amazing battle emotes of Apollo, Lunaria, and Arlequin, as well as lots of Wonder Coins.
Don’t forget to claim a free gift pack which gives a random number of Wonder Coins on the event page upon daily login!
Summer First Recharge (August 10 to September 6, 2022)
Recharge now to beat the summer heat and win a luxurious skin!
During the event, your first recharge of any amount will bring you a draw vouchers for new items, a Refreshing Skin Pack, and a 200 Off 588 Tokens Coupon (14 Days). When opening the Refreshing Skin Pack, you have a chance to get limited Epic skins like Spectral Flame for Galahad, Lieutenant Justice for Zhao Yun, and Sweetie for Lapina
Daily Recharge (August 10 to 23, 2022)
Rewarding daily recharge event runs for two weeks only!
Recharge certain numbers of Tokens in a day to get rewarded with FX Selection Packs, 5x Draw Vouchers, Lucky Wheel Token Vouchers, Lexicon XP, Points, and many more!
While opening a FX Selection Pack, you can choose one reward from a Punisher's Blade kill FX, Frog Sense ward skin, Surprise Clown ward skin, Celestial Bodies chat frame, Future War avatar frame, and 300,000 Points.
FX Selection Packs are also on sale in the Store during the period, each for 320 Tokens only, 60% off its original price of 799 Tokens.
Summer Craze (August 10 to 23, 2022)
Join in the craze for a chance to win free Blue Adventure, a limited Epic skin for Murry!
With a certain number of Carnival Coins collected from daily quests, you can exchange them for exquisite skins including Blue Adventure for Murry, Flourishing Majesty for Magicka, and Bomb Voyage for Burninator, valiant heroes like Murry and Zoe, as well as Carnival Chests and Blue Adventure Shard Chests.
Each Carnival Chest gives you a chance to win one reward from Hattori’s Syncopated Style skin, 1 Skin Shard, and 200 Gold.
Want more Carnival Coins? You may also use 1500 Gold to exchange for 5 Carnival Coins, up to 40 times, getting a bigger chance to unlock your favorite skin!
Fusilia Discount (August 10 to 16, 2022)
Hero Fusilia is now for 699 Tokens only, 30% off the original price of 999 Tokens!
Archaic Elegance Book (August 10 to September 27, 2022)
Five skins of the Archaic Elegance series are coming to the game!
By collecting a certain number of the Archaic Elegance themed skins, you may get brand-new decorations including a Lingering Rain kill FX and a Green Fragrance teleport FX, as well as Points and Lucky Wheel Token Vouchers!