Heroes Evolved Update Note - June 29th, 2022

Dear Players,
Servers will be down for 2 hours of maintenance beginning at 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on June 29th. The maintenance schedule is subject to change. You won't be able to login once the server is down and any matches in progress will be halted. Please do not start any matches right before the maintenance.
Here's a rundown of the patch:
1. New Skins
Abyss Witch
Death awaits those who get lost in the abyss...
Abyss Witch, a new Epic skin for Poseidon, is released. During the first week of release (June 29 to July 5), Abyss Witch is for 1,079 Tokens only, originally 1,199 Tokens.
Antarctica Explorer
Are you ready for the extreme cold? Pengwing is going to excite you with a thrilling trip to Antarctica this summer!
During Lexicon Season 34, just buy a random Lexicon bundle and reach Lexicon Level 100 to unlock Antarctica Explorer, a Limited Legendary skin for Pengwing.
Splendid Night
Splendid Night, a new Prisma skin for Elvira, unlocks immediately when you buy a random Lexicon bundle in the Lexicon Season 34.
2. Hot Events 
Lexicon Season 34 (July 1 to 28, 2022)
Lexicon Season 34 will begin on July 1, sparking a fervent passion this summer! Get ready to grab wonderful rewards, including Pengwing’s Limited Legendary skin - Antarctica Explorer, Elvira’s Splendid Night skin, and Decoration Selection Packs. From the Decoration Selection Packs, you may collect contract cards of the new Summer Bliss decoration series as well as exclusive decorations of previous Lexicon seasons.
Subscribing to any of Lexicon bundles immediately unlocks Elvira’s Splendid Night. Lexicon Super Bundle can not only boost your Lexicon by 29 levels directly, but also gives a Decoration Selection Pack I for you to choose one chat frame from Summer Bliss (valid till August 31, 2022), Lexicon S4, Lexicon S12, and Lexicon S22. Increasing the Lexicon to certain levels also brings you free rewards like Hero Selection Packs and Skin Picker Packs. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get permanent heroes and skins!
To level up your Lexicon faster, you can also buy Weekly Lexicon Bargain Packs and Lexicon Surprise Packs from the Store at favorable prices. Each Weekly Lexicon Bargain that can boost your Lexicon by 10 levels directly is now for 699 Tokens only, 30% off its original price of 999 Tokens! Each Lexicon Surprise Pack that offers a random amount of Lexicon XP (up to 10,000) is now for 99 Tokens, originally 124 Tokens, and has a purchase limit of 3 times per day.
July Check-in (July 1 to 31, 2022)
Check in a total of 31 days in July to get a Skin Selection Chest which allows you to choose one skin from Lady Peacock for Lilith, Lil Red Hood for Wendy, Occult Marionette for Arborus, and Hellfire Warrior for Guan Yu.
Want more Gold? When you collect enough check-in skin shards, go to the Redeem Shop and redeem them for Gold.
There are also a total of 500,000 Points rewarded to players for accumulating 3, 10, 17, and 24 check-in days. What’s more, multiplied rewards are given for checking in on Wednesdays and weekends.
Poseidon Discount (June 29 to July 5, 2022)
Poseidon will be on a 30%-off sale for a week only. Just pay 489 Tokens to unlock this popular hero!
Flash Sale (June 29 to July 12, 2022)
Flash Sale is coming back! Act fast to enjoy good deals!
There are wonderful skins like Ionic Powersuit for Bombom, Junior Jubilee for Lulu, Mystic Minx for Elvira, and Chaotic Charlatan for Absalon, as well as generous rewards like Celestius Shards and Athena Shard waiting for you!
Magic Clover (June 29 to July 12, 2022)
With a certain number of Magic Clovers collected from daily quests, you can use them to light the puzzle parts, getting 1 Clover Chest per part lighted. Open the chest to receive wonderful items. Lighting the whole picture brings you a Hero Selection Chest which allows you to choose one hero from Chronos, Galahad, Nezha, Apollo, Nina, and Elvira.
Magic Clovers can also be used to play lucky draw for amazing skins like Winged Gamer for Clarice, Flourishing Majesty for Magicka, and Sonnung for Zeus. Each draw consumes 7 Magic Clovers.
Shard Shop
Some valiant heroes including Bombom, Zoe, and Raker will be introduced to the Shard Shop for the first time. There are also brilliant heroes like Elvira, Brady, and Chronia, as well as delicate skins like Chemical Romance for Crystal, Special Snowflake for Magnolia, and Jolly Roger for Fumiko coming to the Shard Shop for you to choose from. Don’t miss out!