Heroes Evolved Update Notes - Nov. 18, 2020

1. New Hero&Skins
This adorable otter excels at support and tank roles. It will definitely impress you in battle. Go collect a free one from the Points Gala.
Toxic Flame
A skin for Dr. Madd to unleash energy of particles with his mini-tokamak. This skin will be released on November 18 and can be collected from the Wonder Trip.
Fantasy Blade
A cool and charming skin of the Voidzone series for Elvira. This skin will be released on November 25 and can be collected from the Wonder Trip.
2. Hot Events
Hero Treasure Pack (Nov. 18 to 24)
Get a chance to pay only 1,600 Gold for a permanent hero worth 999 Tokens, such as Vince, Una, and Absalon.
Decoration Pack (Nov. 18 to 24)
Pay 500 Gold for a chance to win Resurrection Feather Kill FX, Insightful Goldfish Ward Skin, Dragon Soar Teleport FX, and Eye See You Ward Skin.
Wonder Trip (Nov. 18 to Dec. 1)
Log in every day to receive a Daily Chest from which you can collect Wonder Coins. The coins can be used to exchange for new skins like Toxic Flame for Dr. Madd and Fantasy Blade for Elvira. You’ll also have a chance to get other skins like Warring Buddha for Sun Wukong and Juggernaut Knight for Leonidas.
Thanksgiving Card (Nov. 23 to 29)
Use special cards to draw for abundant Thanksgiving rewards. There are various limited skins waiting for you, including Poet Laureate for Li Bai, Cloud Walker for Sun Wukong, Mummy King for Phobos, and Perfect Cheerleader for Scarlet!
Points Gala (Nov. 18 to Dec. 1)
Collect Carnival Coins from daily quests. Carnival Coins can be used to exchange for wonderful rewards including new hero Murry, Titan, and Arborus’ Medicine Man skin for free.
Murry’s Trial (Nov. 18 to Dec. 1)
Use Murry to play the Altar of Strife (non-AI), Tournaments, or Ranked Matches to complete the trial and collect Secret Shop points.
Fight Together (Nov. 18 to Dec. 1) & Reward Exchange (Nov. 18 to Dec. 6)
Participate in daily login, matches and other in-game events to collect Pixel Magic Shards which can be used to exchange for Zed’s Pixel Magic skin, Lv.4 Jewel Cards, and many more.
Share for Gift (Nov. 18 to Dec. 1)
Collect Dr. Madd’s new skin Toxic Flame or new hero Murry, and then share it on Facebook or Twitter to get a Lv.3 Jewel Card.
Chaos Field Codex (From Nov. 18)
The Chaos Field Codex will open again. Get ready for a new start of challenges and opportunities.