Heroes Evolved Update Notes - Dec 15th,2021

Dear Players,
Servers will be down for 2 hours of maintenance beginning at 3:00 PM (UTC +8) on Dec 15th. The maintenance schedule is subject to change. You won't be able to login once the server is down and any matches in progress will be halted. Please do not start any matches right before the maintenance.
Here's a rundown of the patch:
Lunar Bride
Lunar Bride has been officially released! Go to the game and unlock this new Legendary skin for Clarice!
Please note that players who have pre-ordered this skin can now use the exclusive 1200-Token voucher and pay the balance of only 1,299 Tokens to obtain Clarice's Lunar Bride skin.
Ancient Charm  
Ancient Charm is a new skin for Naiad to meet bosom friends through special music.
In the Ranked Matches Season 21 released today, participants who achieve 10 wins in the Gold tier or above will win the exclusive skin of Season 21 for Naiad - Ancient Charm!
New Seasons
The Ranked Matches, Clan Warfare, and Tournaments will embrace their new season in this update. New challenges await you!
Wonder Trip (Dec. 15 to 28, 2021)
Skins of the Voidzone series are back and some are added to the prize pool! Come and collect Wonder Coins to exchange for your favorite rewards.
Draw for limited skins with Wonder Journals or Tokens. Log in every day to get a Daily Chest from which you can collect Wonder Journals or Wonder Coins. Using a Wonder Journal may also bring you a random number of Wonder Coins.
You won't want to miss powerful heroes like Condor and Cleopatra, and lots of exquisite skins like Void Shadow for Psion, Toxic Flame for Dr. Madd, Fantasy Blade for Elvira, and Betrothed Marshal for Raker!
Tip: You'll get some Luck points after each draw. The higher your Luck, the more Wonder Journals and Wonder Coins you may get.
Special Offer on Void Duelist (Dec. 15 to 28, 2021)
Now we have Hegemon's Void Duelist skin in the Secret Shop for only 6,400,000 Points, originally 8,000,000 Points. Don't hesitate to redeem now!
Santa's Gifts (Dec. 15 to 28, 2021)
Pay only $1 to enjoy multiplied rebates for 7-day login and a mysterious gift from Santa Claus.
There are Epic Skin Shards, 5x Draw Vouchers, Christmas nameplate, and many more items for you to collect upon login every day. On the 7th day, you can claim the special gift from Santa Claus and open it for a chance to get Christmas-themed skins including Santa Kaboom for Vince and Xmas Formula for E-stein.
Wishing Well (Dec. 15 to 28, 2021)
Your wish made in Heroes Evolved will come true. Come and collect Wish points from daily quests and make wishes when you have enough Wish points.
We have abundant FXs like Jack Frost Kill FX and Holy Glory Teleport FX, limited skins like Tanner for Xiahou Dun and Swordsage for Estrath, as well as Point heroes like Li Bai, Mousia, and Bonnie, for you to add to your wish list.
    Let us know your wishes!
Yang Jian
Despite the survivability buffs to him last time, Yang Jian is still too weak as an archer, so we're boosting his Strength and Strength Growth.
♦ Strength: 40 -> 48
♦ Strength Growth: 2 -> 2.5
Venom's ultimate gives him a chance to dominate teamfights, but he is very likely to get killed instantly if missing the target. We're now adding a new healing effect that restores Venom's Health by killing enemies during his ultimate to help him survive in teamfights.
♦ Serpent's Strength (Ability 3)
  [NEW] During the period, killing enemies restore Venom's Health again.
    After reworking Flavia's ultimate last time, we find that the 25% conversion rate of magic damage to Shield is still too low to guarantee her continuous damage output in teamfights, so we're increasing the rate again. Meanwhile, we're improving her Ability 1 to avoid Flavia from being too weak in early game.
♦ Firelance (Ability 1)
Primary Damage (magic damage dealt to the first enemy unit hit): 60/80/100/120 -> 80/100/120/140
Burst Damage (magic damage caused by explosion): 90/120/150/180 -> 110/140/170/200
Cooldown: 6s -> 5s          
♦ Sea of Fire (Ultimate)
Magic Damage to Shield Conversion: 25% -> 40%
    Fawna is quite different from traditional archers. He prefer to sneak up on enemies and make instant kills by dealing a burst of damage. But for now, his ability damage is not enough to kill enemies instantly, so we're giving his ability more damage while he is in camouflage.
♦ Camouflage (Ability 1)
Physical Damage: 80/100/120/140 -> 100/120/140/160
Arlequin is a popular archer who is often picked for her excellent ability against enemies with low Health. We're giving her Barrage more power in killing such enemies by granting bonus physical damage based on the Health lost.
♦ Barrage (Ability 1)      
[NEW] Grants bonus physical damage equal to 3% of the enemies' Health lost when Arlequin deals damage with her abilities.
Ying Zheng
Ying Zheng benefits a lot from the combo effect of his Great Collapse and King's Majesty in battle. To encourage players to use Great Collapse together with King's Majesty, we're reducing the basic magic damage of Great Collapse. On the other hand, the healing effect of his Elixir of Life seems too powerful, so we're adjusting this ability to make his healing power a little stronger in early game and weaker in late game.
♦ Great Collapse (Ability 2)
Basic Magic Damage: 115/155/195/235 -> 105/145/185/225
♦ Elixir of Life (Passive)
Health Healed: 60/100/140/180 -> 70/100/130/160
    Prometheus is a versatile archer with enviable abilities in damage output, self-protection, and control. His passive ability allows him to make incredibly high damage in teamfights. We're lowering the pure damage caused by his passive to make his output more reasonable.
♦ Thrill of Destiny (Passive)
Pure Damage: 20%/35%/50%/65% of Attack -> 25%/35%/45%/55% of Attack
Xiahou Dun
    Xiahou Dun is an all-round fighter with impressive damage ability which makes him too fierce, so we're reducing his damage a little.
♦ Vicious Spin (Ability 1)
  Physical Damage: 120/170/220/270 -> 110/160/210/260
♦ Hateful Eye (Ability 2)
Reflected Magic Damage: 75/100/125/150 -> 65/90/115/140
Mousia is a special archer with excellent damage output and survivability. However, his survivability seems a bit too well, so we're reducing his Shield slightly.
♦ Cashbox (Ability 3)
Shield that Blocks Damage: 200/250/300 -> 150/200/250
Shield Cooldown: 50/45/40s -> 55/50/45s
    Electros has been brought back to life as an agile fighter after the changes to him last time. However, his power is a little too high, so we're pulling the damage of his ultimate back.
♦ Electroblast (Ultimate)
Physical Damage: 150/300/450 -> 130/280/430