How to Redeem Gift Code


There are so many ways for players to receive a gift code. Players could receive gift codes from various social media events, such as Official Live Stream, Stunning Kill Moment Wanted, Streamer Recruit Event, Interaction Events, and Survey etc. Today we will show you how to redeem a gift code and receive rewards from it. And we wish players to join more social media events in the future, wonderful rewards are waiting for you to win! 

Step 1.

Firstly, login Heroes Evolved and go to the Main Page. Find "EVENTS" icon on the left, and then tap it.



Step 2.

Tap "Social Media" tab on the left.



Step 3.

Tap "Redeem rewards" and enter your gift code.




Step 4.

If the gift code you entered is correct. You will receive the rewards immediately. Each gift code can only be redeemed once.


We wish all of you best of luck and we look foraward to seeing you in our social media events: Heroes Evolved Mobile