Heroes Evolved Mentor Rules and Regulations

Heroes Evolved Community Mentors will be those outstanding players selected by the Heroes Evolved team according to certain standards.
They will be in charge of the contents in the community and the management of community members.
1. Basic Requirements
① A loyal and good in game behavior player of Heroes Evolved, who has been active in the community for more than a month.
② Responsible. The patience to deal with players. A good sense of humor will be a plus.
③ Passionate about community management and love interacting with people.
④ Able to spend at least 4 hours on the community to engage and influence players.
⑤Minimum age of 18 years, which has a good understanding of the English language and native language.
⑥Request personal Facebook and ensure its legitimate.
⑦The ability to keep a secret.
2. How to become a Mentor?
If you think you’re qualified, please follow the steps below:
① Send us an email.
a. The subject should be HE Mentor Application. Other subjects will not be accepted.
b. Fill in the questionnaire: https://forms.gle/EwL6FUhjBFxHesLf7
② Our administrator will contact you for an interview if you’re qualified.
③ You’ll start as an Intern Mentor, and then become a Formal Mentor if you pass the assessment of internship.
3. Mentor Permissions
① Approve/Reject community member applications.
② Approve/Reject new posts.
③ Delete inappropriate posts and comments.
④ Remove or block members from the community.
⑤ Pin/Unpin a post.
4.  Responsibilities
① Mentors must follow the community regulations, and must not work for private interests or harm the interests of other members.
② Be a good discussion guide. Help players solve their problems.
③ Carry out daily management. Pin good posts to the top. Delete inappropriate posts of spamming, sex, violence or racism, and punish the post senders.
④ Monitor the game and report to the official team if you come across some bugs or login issues.
⑤ Help the official team to hold events, do user surveys and collect trending information.
⑥ Finish other temporary tasks.
5. Three Levels of Mentors
There are Intern Mentor, Formal Mentor and Senior Mentor.
① Intern Mentor: A beginner who’s just passed the interview. However, the Intern Mentor has the same permissions as the formal one.
② Formal Mentor: Pass the assessment of a 15-day internship to become a Formal Mentor.
③ Senior Mentor: Get rated as Fabulous 5 weeks in a row or 9 weeks in total. Senior Mentors will receive senior bonuses.
6.Wage Detail
Intern Mentor Wage
Formal Mentor Wage
Senior Mentor Wage
600 Tokens/Week
1,400 Tokens/Week
2,000 Tokens/Week


7.Get Paid

① Fill your weekly achievements in the Google Form provided by the administrator every Sunday.
② The administrator will collect the weekly information every Monday and report to Vivian.
③ The administrator will pay the wages of the previous week to each mentor every Tuesday, and put it on record.
④ If you have any questions or concerns about your job, please contact the administrator.