Game Modes

Join massive PVP action game mode with 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, even custom mode and other multiplayer battle modes such as auto-chess, to climb rankings to win abundant rewards and conquer the battlefield with your strategy!
Combat in Heroes Evolved takes place on designated battlefields, each map shaping the flow of battle. Familiarize yourself with each map, and uncover their strategic secrets.
· Altar of Strife ·
This battlefield is the primary focus of all conflict in the world of Heroes Evolved. Assemble your allies, and face off in intense 5v5 matches on this iconic map. Featuring three lanes, a vast jungle, and a dividing river, the Altar of Strife has ample room for complex strategic gameplay.
· Valley of War ·
A much more straightforward map, consisting only of a single lane. This battlefield brings instant-action to the table, pitting two teams of 5 randomly chosen Heroes against each other in the ultimate test of skill and reflexes.